Emerald Medals Capital Services Limited is a subsidiary of the Emerald Medals Group charged with providing business and advisory services to clients .These services which includes but no limited to the following:

  • Credit Administration
  • Business Recovery & Assurance
  • Financial Advisory & Strategy
  • Corporate Finance & Investment


    • Credit Administration

Emerald Medals capital services Limited creates a financially beneficial ambience for local contractors through the encouragement of joint ventures between foreign and local contractors where there is less capacity for the local contractors to independently handle such a bid. It is an aspect of the company that also manages client’s portfolio and relationship in relation to businesses that can be jointly achieved. We also support SMEs by providing robust financial literacy training and bridge facilities to boost their working capital needs. We also provide project financing options as well as personal loan to bridge the project and personal loan requirement of our clients

  • Business Recovery & Assurance Services

Current business environment presents a constant stream of both challenges and opportunities, against this background of change: the expectation is for sustained growth. To achieve their potential, organizations must continuously improve their performance and sustain that improvement. Utilizing industry experience and functional expertise, our business advisory team works with you in a proactive, open and objective way, to address business challenges facing you.

Our approach is client centric, geared towards delivering customized business solutions that deliver lasting value to their businesses. Based on our understanding of nature of your business and objectives, we offer tailor made business models, strategies and performance improvement solutions.

We offer comprehensive advice and support to corporations in terms of reviewing and re-defining their strategy. Under strategy advisory, we provide following services:

  • Diagnostic review and reworking of your current business strategy,
  • Identifying and re-defining the organization’s vision, mission, goals & objectives,
  • Assessing corporate portfolio of business units, identifying key success factors for your business,
  • Developing strategy and implementation plan.


  • Financial Advisory and Strategy

Business advisory services focus on strategizing for the success and growth of a business. Advisors are a hybrid of business coaches, mentors and accountants. Examining previous trends and combining them with forecasts, a great advisor will ask questions and dig deep into their clients’ businesses. As part of the fulfilment of the mission of the organization ensures clients success by critical providing broad based business solutions such as loan opportunities and clear cut direction in financial advisory to ensure cost maximization and effectiveness, and monitoring quality and standard in project deliveries. This we do well by ensuring that clients get access to funding that will help in achieving their project goals and thereby creating a profit making opportunity to them. We conduct needs assessment of clients whether he/she is credit worthy and whether the contracts/ projects been ventured into is lucrative and capable of repaying any exposure it required

  • Corporate Finance & Investment

Our staff combine their extensive transactional expertise to deliver effective, creative and practical solution that enhances decision making ability and is value maximizing.  Over the last five years, our corporate finance advisory practice has provided objective support for clients on about 100 plus transactions and many more niche financial advisory mandates.  We advise corporate and entrepreneurs on the feasibility of raising finance, on designing the best structures and on selecting suitable sources of finance for businesses.  Further we undertake enterprise valuation, financial due diligence, aligning financing decisions with operations and various other important facets of corporate finance.  Our Corporate Finance practice offers clients a unique combination of financial, and transactional advisory services. We maintain genuine objectivity and interest in our clients’ long-term success.